1958 RCA Deluxe with a swivel base

17-D-8187 (Oak)
17-D-8186 (Walnut)
17-D-8185 (Mahogany)

RCA called this model the "Blaine"
It was offered in three simulated wood finishes, Mahogany, Walnut or Oak.
This one has the Oak finish.
It's mounted on a 4 legged stand that allows it to turn side to side on a ball-bearing device.

This set is in working condition
It has had all of it's paper and electrolytic capacitors replaced
and the Picture Tube has been rebuilt.

The Picture Tube uses a 110 deflection angle and is much shallower than earlier 90 tubes, although the cabinet is still just as deep as the earlier models.

By 1959 or 60 most sets used the shallow 110 tubes and the cabinets became much slimmer, assuming the more familiar (and less interesting in my opinion) rectangular shape with the controls up front.

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