1949? Truetone 12"

Model Unknown

This set uses a Raytheon chassis but there were no brand markings whatsoever on it.
I was told by someone who has one like it that it is a Truetone
I love the style of this set, the cabinet needs refinished and in this picture it has been stripped but not refinished yet, the wood veneer is in exellent condition!
The tuner is a continuous (it doesn't click) type, channels 2 thru 6 are on the right side of the dial and 7 thru 13 are on the left, when you cross from one side to the other there is a switch in the tuner that changes it from one band to the other. This is not a DuMont type Inductuner, it's much smaller and simpler using coils and slugs to tune the frequency.

When I got the set it had been used as a Mouse hotel, the insides were filled with old Apricot pits and Mouse pee.
Mr Mouse had also dined on the choke and vertical output transformers!

Moyers came to the rescue with NOS replacements for the chewed transformers.
The grey paint on the chassis is covering up some corrosion from the Mouse pee.

Other than cleaning out the Rat rubbish and replacing the transformers all this set required was an easy recap to get it working.
It produces a very nice picture!
This is a shot of it playing an episode from The Honeymooners DVD.

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