1954 Fleetwood

"Fleetwood" model 610, built by Conrac

This is a high quality Television Reciever built by Conrac around 1953-54.
The wiring under the chassis is laid out in neat bundles at right angles, not just run willy-nilly all over the place. The chassis is finished in Hammertone paint and has the controls labeled on the front so it does not require a cabinet, this makes it an ideal display item.

This chassis was designed to use a 21" rectangular CRT but here it is running a 16" 16AP4 tube.
This chassis works great as found, it does not appear to have ever had anything replaced other than tubes, all the capacitors look original. It would be a shame to recap it at this point and I plan to leave it alone.
When I got it there was no CRT, I replaced a fuse resistor and the Damper tube and that was all that was needed to make this chassis work.
I had the 16AP4 sitting around and I like the look of the round CRT so much I may make a new tube mount for it and leave it that way.
The 16AP4 is a metal and glass composite tube, the cone part is metal and is charged up with 15,000 volts of electricity when operating, this makes for a most unpleasant experience (though not likely fatal) if you happen to come in contact with it while it is operating!

A bit of history from the Conrac Site.

"Conrac, Inc. was founded in 1939. The name Conrac was derived by combining letters from the names of its two original founders, CON from Mr. Conrow . . . and RAC ("Car" spelled backwards) from Mr. Carrington.
From its first manufacturing facility located in Glendora, California, Conrac quickly earned a reputation for innovative, quality products. In 1947 Conrac began manufacturing the Fleetwood brand of custom television receivers under the name of Peyton Manufacturing Company.
In the early 1950's, Conrac pioneered the development of broadcast studio monitors, introducing the first color studio monitor in 1954"

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