1956 Admiral 10" Portable

Model T-105 AL*

This set is a terrific two-tone Green, with Gold anodized knobs and handle.

Compared to the Turquoise Admiral, this set was easy to get working.

Plugging it in produced sound, but no picture. No light on the screen is often caused by a lack of high voltage to the CRT, so I took a guess, changed the 12AX4 Damper tube and the set started working.

Knowing the set didn't have any serious problems, I replaced all the paper capacitors, but not the electrolytics, the set works well, but has a slight side to side weave in the picture so I probably will have to do those eventually.

You can see an original advertisment for this set by clicking here.

*The AL apparently indicates the case is Aluminum, as the Turquoise Admiral has a steel case.

Chassis 14YP3B

The Sams Photofact# for this set is 350-1

V1 RF Amplifier 3BC5 V8 Audio Output 12CU5
V2 Mixer- Oscillator 5J6 V9 Vert. Mult - Vert. Output 6CM7
V3 1st Video IF Amplifier 3CB6 V10 Horiz. Mult 6CG7
V4 2nd Video IF Amplifier 3CB6 V11 Horiz. Output 12DQ6
V5 Video Output - Sync Sep. 6BA8A V12 Damper 12AX4GTA
V6 Sound IF Amp - Sync Phase Inverter 5U8 V13 High Voltage Rectifier 1X2B
V7 Audio Detector 3DT6 V14 Picture Tube 10ABP4

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