1951 Philco 12"

Model 51-PT1207

A cool looking Bakelite set for the 1951 model year. According to the ads this was Philco's budget set.
It uses an oddball 12WP4 picture tube. This tube has a 3/4" diameter neck with the same base as a 9 pin miniature tube!
I was able to power this set up and get a raster so the CRT still has some life in it. If I can find all the knobs I'll attempt to get it fully operational.

I now have all the knobs and just need the tuner shaft to make this set complete!

Update! Someone sent me a tuner from another model Philco and I was able to use the parts to fix the tuner in this set, now it's complete and after recapping most of the chassis it's starting to work! Video

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