Philco Seventeener III

Model G-3055BL

This is a slight departure from what I usually collect but it is a nice little set and I couldn't turn it down.
This model Seventeener has the misfortune of sharing the same picture tube as the 17" Philco Predicta (some earlier model Seventeeners didn't) unfortunantly this has led to many of them being scrapped out for the tube!

This particular set is equipped with the "New-Matic" remote control. This is a purely mechanical system driven by compressed air pressure.
Get the little word play?
New-Matic = Pneumatic! :)

It uses a small squeeze bulb (which I don't have yet), similar to the ones used on blood pressure machines, this is connected by a length of flexible rubber tubing to a fitting on the bottom-rear of the set. It drives a servo piston and a rachet mechanism to turn the tuner, one squeeze advances one channel.
Simple and cheap to manufacture!

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